Sound Masking

Eliminate distractions, facilitate employee happiness and productivity, and ensure privacy for sensitive data.
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Mass Notification & Intercom

Prepare your organization for any emergency and ensure consistent communications across all sectors of your building or campus for safety and operational efficiency.
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Healthcare Patient Response

Empower the patient, ensure collaboration across support staff, and facilitate seamless information exchange across multiple channels to provide the best healthcare experience possible.
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Business Telephone

Stay connected across all of your devices to ensure you never miss a moment or message!
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In-House Synchronized Clock

When every second counts and disparate groups must remain in precision for scheduling and event execution, turn to synchronized clock systems.
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Surveillance and Site Security

Ensure the safety of your facilities and those within it while also discovering critical insights to help your organization excel in its field.
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Access Control

Protect guests, employees, and property while ensuring access is given to appropriate personnel and maintaining records of what access has occurred within your facilities.
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Network Fiber and Computer Cabling

Cabling represents the data highways of your facilities. Get it done right with Ascomnorth.
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The Peak of Perfection

It's our shared vision that we, the employees of Ascomnorth (a division of Shoreline Power Services, Inc.), will provide our customers with “The Peak of Perfection” in quality equipment, installation, service, and support. In this spirit, we'll strive for excellence and professionalism while treating each of our customers with the utmost in courtesy and respect. We'll place customer satisfaction above all else. Each customer’s satisfaction with our product and service will be our measurement of success or failure.We believe this mindset to be essential in mainitaing the reputation that we've worked hard to build in northern Michigan. We also believe it to facilitate the optimal working environment for ourselves as well as the best experience for the customers that we serve.

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