Mass Notification & Intercom

A mass notification system (MNS) is a critical component of any organization's infrastruture. Able to execute real-time alerts across all sectors of a campus or building, it's instrumental in warning students, employees, and the general public or critical events such as inclement weather, intruders, medical situations, etc. Proactive alerting as well as instructions to groups and individuals become paramount at these moments and mass notification systems can be tailored to meet any environemnt - pre-recorded messages can be used in specific scenarios to ensure the well-being and safety of anyone on premises. 

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Ascomnorth partners with CareHawk due to the benefits of its CH1000LT lite safety communication platform. Our experience shows that its ideal for schools - offering feautures such as paging, intercom, bell scheduling and even district wide communciation as well as tangible benefits such as a significant reduction in cabling and conduit reuqirments and the ability to utilize standard CAT5(e) cabling. Having deployed hundreds of safety communcation and intercom systems across northern Michigan, Ascomnorth has the local expertise, training, certiifcaiton, and rich history you can depend on to achieve the outcomes needed for your school or district. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on how we can utilize this technology to ensure the safety of those in your care.