Access Control

Keeping facilities, employees, and materials safe and secure is paramount for organizations of all shapes and sizes. A big part of this is access. Who should have access to which parts of a building or facility? How can said access be tracked for compliance purposes? What can be done to ensure that untrained personnel aren't accessing hazardous areas? Can key inventory be protected by restricting access to only those with a legitimate need? What might an organization need to show in the event of liability litigation with respect to due diligence? These are big questions and all can addressed with a properly-designed and installed access control system.

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Ascomnorth partners with Kantech due to the wide array of potential configurations available for access control. Whether wireless or hard-wired management is needed, there is a solution in the access control lineup. Offering physical access through proximity card, smart card, digital keypad, biometric recognition and more, there is a level of customization available to meet the needs of any facility. And having trained, certified, and installed these systems across northern Michigan for many years, Ascomnorth is well-suited to design and install the appropriate system. Contact us today to discuss the benefits that an access control system can bring to your organization.