Network Fiber and Computer Cabling

If you've ever seen a building cabled correctly and one done suboptimally, you'll instantly understand the value of proper cabling design and installation. At some point in the future, your organization will need to add or replace any one of an almost limitless number of devices (phones, wireless access points, security cameras, computers, alerting systems, etc.) and doing so will require either the identification of the cabling already installed, the addition of new cabling, or both. It's at this precise moment that you'll learn the quality of your cabling installation. A job well done will make future projects seamless. A poor job will add significant amounts of time and cost to new business requirements.

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Trust Ascomnorth to evaluate your situation - utilizing existing cabling where possible and providing additional cabling as necessary to accommodate your needs. Don’t get lost in translation between your cabling contractor and communication system provider; we will provide both and also work with your IT department to accommodate their needs and consdierations. Quality products from market-leading brands will ensure any size data center will be efficient and organized.