Surveillance and Site Security

Surveillance has been utilized to ensure the safety and security of facilities, employees, guests, equipment, etc. for decades now, however new use cases are being added rapidly. Video is progressing at speeds exceeding that of the general technology landscape. Through the use of embedded artifical intelligence, we now see customers utilizing predictive analytics to understand consumer behavior, manufacturing anomalies, employee body language, early detection of intruders, etc. In the past, video surveillance was very much about reactionary fact-finding. If an event occurred, the appropriate personnel could review logs and find the supporting evidence needed to take appropriate action. Today, video surveillance is very much a proactive component of the organizational infrastructure and is leveraged to help leadership make informed decisions about how best to support customer experience, brand loyalty, business growth, and a wealth of other critical initiatives.  

Free monitor monitor wall large screen illustration

Acomnorth parterns with Bosch due to the breadth of feature and functionalty within the video systems lineup. Having seen firsthand the power of the technology in many use cases across northern Michgan, we know exactly how much of a differentiator it can be for the clients that we serve. Our firm is trained and certified in this technolgoy and stands ready to design a system that meets your precise requirments. Furthermore, we've deployed these systems across the region and our installers are able to see to it that the vision identified is the reality delivered. Contact us today to discuss how video surveillance can best be implemented within your organization.