It is our shared vision that we, the employees of ASCOMNORTH Inc. together will provide our customers with “The Peak of Perfection” in quality equipment, installation, and service.

Toward that end, we will strive for excellence and professionalism, while treating each of our customers with the utmost in courtesy and respect.  We will place ‘Customer Satisfaction’ as our number one goal.  From the smallest to the largest, each customer’s satisfaction with our product and our service will be our measurement of success or failure.

We believe these qualities to be essential in building the reputation we want and to maintaining a profitable corporation and the best working environment for ourselves and our customers.

ASCOMNORTH is a leading supplier of quality communication products serving Northern Lower Michigan and the eastern end of the Upper Peninsula since 1983.  Located in Acme, part of the Grand Traverse Area, ASCOMNORTH has grown to become the largest full service communications contractor based in Northern Michigan.

ASCOMNORTH maintains a 24-hour service response group of technicians that are ready to go at a moment’s notice to provide service to our base of over 1200 customers.  Toll Free 800 service is provided to all customers, so even those located in the Upper Peninsula can quickly contact us.

Quality of material and personnel has long been the hallmark of ASCOMNORTH.  The diverse product line featuring: telecommunications, professional sound, nurse call systems, paging, and local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN); provides a stable base for continued prosperity under all market conditions.