Whatever your responsibility in the office, it's a pretty safe bet that making hours of calls to technology companies across the globe probably isn't a central part. You know you need the technology to help your team members remain efficient and your organization operational, but where can you find the time for the massive amnount of conversations required to assess different providers, scope the appropriate solution, negotiate terms, handle procurement, deal with delivery logistics, etc.?

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Part of what makes Ascomnorth the ideal, local partner for your organization is the elimination of all of this wasted time. We've already assessed the solutions available on the market today and we continue to do so perpetually to gauge the potential of new technology as it becomes available. We've invested in the relationships with the relevant technology manufacturers and we've cultivated these relationships over many years. Our people are fully-trained and certified on these platforms and we have advantageous terms in place. We leverage our buying power to find you the most competitive pricepoints available and we have procurment and fulfilment down to a science. When you partner with Ascomnorth, you can rest-assured that in doing so you'll be reclaiming all of the precious time that was previously wasted on vendor interaction. We'll take it from here and you can get back to doing what it is that you do best.