Pre-Sales Design

Technology can and should be a business driver - a tool to help your business or organization succeed. But so many people we meet find themselves burdened by technology. They're unsure of how or why the technology was implemented in the first place. They've forgotten the original purpose of the technology and they spend their time either tolerating or, worse still, actively fighting the technology to get what is needed out of their investments. How does technology move from a busienss driver all the way back to an impediment? The root cause of these challenges is, more times than not, poor or nonexistent design. 

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Don't let your business, school, or place of worship suffer from technology that doesn't enable the people that serve the organization. There is a harmony to be realized between people and technology - one that comes when both are doing what they're best-suited for. Rely on Ascomnorth to consider the bigger picture of what needs to be accomplished. We'll take the time to learn about you and your team and we'll only recommend technology that we're comfortable with - having personally trained on it, interacted with it, designed and deployed it, and most importantly - observed firsthand the realization of the promises made in other local organizations in northern Michigan. Contact us today for an open and non-judgemental conversation about your challenges and goals. When you do, you'll quickly find that Ascomnorth is composed of people whose only goal is to move technology from a bottleneck to a catalyst for you and your team.