Post-Sales Implementation

The best technology in the world is nothing but a paperweight if not properly installed and configured. Each fo the solutions discussed on our site require some level of precision and tuning specific to the needs of the organization by which it's utilized. For instance mounting a security camera is a good first step for site surveillance, but undertsanding how this camera works in relation to a total system and designing intelligent coverage to blanket the premises and extract the informaiton needed is quite another. So too does a mass notificaiton system serve its true purpose only when precisely installed for optimal coverage. Sound amsking requires specific tuning based on several environmental conditions. And so on.

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When you work with Ascomnorth, you're achieving a true end-to-end package that accounts for design, procurement/fulfillment, expert installation and ongoing support. Our field technicians attend manufacturer trainings across the country and hone their skills. They receive and hold prestigious certifications which attest to their skillsets. But more than this, our engineers are in the field every day installing these systems for your neighbors in northern Michigan. Ask someone whose worked with us on a project before and you're sure to hear that our installers uphold our standard and deliver on the shared vision that we and our customers have. Contact Ascomnorth today for help with an organizational initiative and rest easy knowing that a local expert will be onsite to ensure that your system is expertly tuned to meet your requirements.