Ongoing Support

Thoughtful design, expert procurement and fulfilment of the appropriate technology, and skilled deployment are all critical factors within a technology initiative. But even with all this, the long-term success of a project can suffer without consisitent and rapid access to local support. It's here that Ascomnorth closes the loop for those that we serve and really separates ourselves from bigbox companies who are simply unable to provide full end-to-end service and support of the technology that your business, schoool, hospital, or place of worship depends on.

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Ascomnorth maintains a 24-hour service response group of technicians that are ready to go at a moment’s notice to provide service to our base of over 1,200 customers, because who doesn't need one less thing to worry about? Toll Free 800 service is provided to all customers, so even those located in the Upper Peninsula can quickly contact us.