TCBN Remote Work Feature

Excerpt from the Remote Work Drives Surge In Telecommunications Business Article published by the Traverse City Business News

The technologies that local businesses have been asking for have run the gamut from telephony to videoconferencing to security. According to Dave Barth, co-owner and VP of sales at Ascomnorth, one of the biggest things local companies are looking for is a way to seamlessly transition their business telephone systems into home offices.

Options include everything from workers taking their desk phones home to desktop or mobile apps that emulate business telephone systems. The goal, Barth says, is to create a solution that, for all parties, is indistinguishable from an in-office phone setup.

“With these systems, you can transfer calls, you can put people on hold, you can send people into voicemail, that sort of thing,” Barth said. “And then from the end-user standpoint, when everything is working well, the person that’s calling in couldn’t tell if the person they’re talking to is in their pajamas and sitting at home or if they’re in their office.”

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